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Kesse FREEspace front csavarok alumínium kerethez

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Márka Kesseböhmer (Kesseboehmer)
Push for Open Nem


Very elegant and functional, self-supporting pair of mechanisms for lift-up doors called FREEspace. The installation of the doors does not require cup hinges installation, which significantly reduces the cost of constructing lift-up doors. The mechanisms are installed into standard holes in the cabinet's sides (⌀ 5mm, 37mm from the edge of the side panel with a 32mm spacing). A very practical feature is the door attachment, which uses special screws included in the set. The tilt-out mechanism is supplied in pairs, and its strength needs to be calculated based on the height and weight of the doors. The FREEspace lift-up system allows for adjusting the opening and closing force, door position in three directions, and also the opening angle of the doors.


Kesse FREEspace mini B típus, készlet, nikkel/szürke


Kesse FREEspace mini B típus, készlet, nikkel/fehér


Kesse FREEspace mini B típus, készlet, nikkel/antracit